"Prepare to be uplifted. Latitude is Rant Maggie Rant’s breakthrough album - a wonderful mix of Trad folk, Roots, Celtic, and World rhythms, that skips effortlessly between genres... and often within the same track. Great stuff.”
Jan  Hall, Folk Roots Radio

"This Ontario folk ensemble might be the ultimate melting pot of musical styles, and delights in mixing elements in surprising and fun new concoctions.....lots of trad folk, but it's turned on its head...these are all special players, giving new life and different twists to originals and classic folk covers. The lovely Paper Boats is perhaps the best example of their first-tier ensemble at work, starting as an acoustic guitar/percussion number, before recorder, fiddle and more join,  doubling and tripling the lilting melody line, touches of Africa gliding in. It's three-quarters instrumental, although when there are vocals, again, it's a wonderful sound, especially the crazy folk-scatting on Cocktails in the Cabana."
Bob Mersereau, CBC Radio
Pan-Celtic from Canada

2018 Jack Richardson Music Award Winners for Traditional Folk/Roots
2015 Australian Celtic Award Winners for International Artist of the Year
2013 Jack Richardson Music Award Winners for Traditional Folk/Roots
Nominated 13 times for Traditional Folk/Roots, World Music and Celtic Awards
RANT MAGGIE RANT embraces the time honoured styles of the music from the seven Celtic nations (the obvious Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and the lesser known Isle of Mann, and the Celtic regions of Galicia in Spain and Brittany in France), as well as from Quebec and Canada's East Coast, with each member bringing their individually unique influences to create an uplifting, infectious sound.

RANT MAGGIE RANT's fusion of Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, African hand drumming and percussion, blues/rock guitar backdrops, revved up tempos, unexpected time changes, and a unique rhythmic attack take their listeners on a journey to several cultural musical landmarks. Their repertoire combines original and contemporary compositions with traditional tunes, often blending them together to deliver an intoxicating performance.

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Date Event Location
Harrington, ON - Harrington Hall Harrington Harrington
Sarnia, ON - Imperial Theatre - SSID Gala  
Newmarket, ON - Newmarket Folk Society  
Stratford, ON - Revival House - 2PM Matinee St. Patricks Day Celebration  
Toronto, ON - Hugh's Room Live  
Ailsa Craig, ON - Ye Olde Towne Hall Ye Olde Town Hall, Ailsa Craig Ye Olde Town Hall, Ailsa Craig
Rant Maggie Rant with the Stratford Symphony Orchestra Avondale United Church, Stratford Avondale United Church, Stratford
Rant Maggie Run at the National Arts Centre National Arts Centre, Ottawa National Arts Centre, Ottawa
Frost & Fire Aeolian Hall, London Aeolian Hall, London
Frost & Fire St James Lutheran Church, Amulree St James Lutheran Church, Amulree
Frost & Fire Private Show, Dorchester Private Show, Dorchester
 —  — Rant Maggie Rant at River Run Centre for Linamar Series River Run Centre, Guelph River Run Centre, Guelph
Bayfield, ON - Bayfield Town Hall  
Stratford, ON - Stratford City Hall Auditorium - 10th Anniversary Concert with Special Guests  
Sarnia, ON - Imperial Theatre - SSID Gala  
Bayfield, ON - Bayfield Town Hall  
Toronto, ON - Hugh's Room - St. Patrick's Day Celebration  
London, ON - Aeolian Hall - Matinee  
Dorchester, ON - Private Event  
Stratford, ON - City Hall Auditorium