Rant Maggie Rant Bio (100 words)

Since their 2008 debut Traditional Folk/Roots Award winners Rant Maggie Rant has consistently won over audiences at folk/Celtic festivals, folk clubs, town halls, churches, concert halls and symphonic stages. Traditionalists love their approach, as they respect the time honoured styles of the seven Celtic nations and beyond. New listeners are drawn to RANT MAGGIE RANT'S fusion of World influences: Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, African hand drumming and percussion, blues/rock guitar backdrops, revved up tempos and unexpected time changes. Their repertoire combines original and contemporary compositions with traditional tunes, often blending them together to deliver an intoxicating performance.

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Saturday Night Mainstage - Home County Music & Art Festival, London, Ontario, Canada, July 15, 2017

Hugh's Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - St. Patrick's Celebration Concert, March 16, 2013