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Rant Maggie Rant brings an arsenal of instruments, styles and substance to their shows with versatility and virtuosity. The Stratford, Ontario band's personality shines through as a collective of six very unique and different artists in their own right, the sum of which create unforgettable moments on stage. For the past 10 years this multi-award winning band has consistently roused audiences from coast to coast. 


While Rant Maggie Rant sticks close to the musical roots of Ireland and Scotland, as well as the other 5 Celtic nations and Canada's East Coast traditions, these melodies are usually supported by the band's unique fusion of hand-drumming, dub/jazz bass, soaring vocals, harmonies and folk/blues/rock guitar. Led by fiddler Lindsay Schindler, the band is supported by centre stage vocalist Glen Dias, who also plays recorder and percussion, Barry James Payne on guitars/bouzouki, Daev Clysdale on whistles and accordion, Rob Larose on percussion and Steve Clark on bass.


Traditionalists love their approach as they perform time honoured tunes, but in a new and fresh way with an energy that will make you want to dance and rediscover your roots. With the addition of some not-so-traditional instruments, the African djembe, the Middle Eastern doumbek and Peruvian cajon to compliment the percussive underpinnings driving the rhythm, guitar and bass approach from more contemporary and urban styles - folk, rock, jazz, dub and blues.  Traditional melodies, Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, heartfelt shanties, revved up tempos and unexpected time changes all collide in original and contemporary compositions, often blending together to deliver an intoxicating performance. Don't miss this band.

Based in Stratford, Ontario, RANT MAGGIE RANT showcases the talents of:

Lindsay Schindler
(fiddle, vocals): An Ontario-based fiddler, performer, teacher, founding member of RANT MAGGIE RANT and member of the critically acclaimed new-folk trio Trent Severn, Lindsay has established herself as an electrifying performer. As a child studying classical violin she developed a valuable foundation and excelled in her technical ability. A need to diversify and push boundaries led her to experiment with various other styles of music. Finding her passion in performance and fiddle music, she continues to embrace traditional repertoire from many regions of the world, as well as write her own music. Having performed in Ireland, Japan, across the USA and Canada, Lindsay has brought her energy to many concert halls, theatres and festivals.

Glen Dias (lead vocals, recorder and incidental percussion):  A founding member of RANT MAGGIE RANT, Glen is an engaging front man and generous performer.  His earliest influences and performances were in rock and UK folk music. As half of Canadian west coast (Duncan, BC) duo with musical partner Monte Nordstrom in ptarmigan (whose one and only self-titled album, released on Columbia Records in 1974, is now a much sought after vinyl collectors' item), he opened several shows for the likes of world renowned jazz luminaries, guitarist Lenny Breau and flautist Paul Horn (who also discovered the duo and produced their album). This early career foray into psych-folk was later followed by a professional career in music theatre and opera.

Barry James Payne (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, harmonica, vocals): A roots-oriented singer and songwriter, Barry comes from a folk, blues and rock background. His project String Bone released its debut record in 2009, called ‘nadir’, with veteran troubadour Shannon Lyon at the producer’s helm and Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, ex-Wilco) contributing to several tracks. The CD received very favourable reviews from critics at home and abroad.  Outside of RMR, Barry has played over 250 shows, including a tour in Europe. Barry's new String Bone record 'Love & Highways' is set to be released Oct. 21, 2016. As a solo artist, he has shared the stage with, toured and/or recorded with Bill Bourne, Luke Doucet, Royal Wood, Colin Linden, Sultans Of String, Madison Violet, Rick Taylor, Danny Michel, Ginger St. James, Bob Egan (Wilco, Blue Rodeo), Shannon Lyon, Mae Moore and several others of note.

RANT MAGGIE RANT always performs live as a 6-piece engaging additional musicians to round out their sound. The band's current lineup is: RMR co-founder Rob Larose (drums & percussion), Steve Clarke (electric and upright bass) and Daev Clysdale (Irish Flute, whistles, accordion). Additional musicians have also included Alberto Suarez (drums & percussion), Graham Hargrove (drums & percussion), Jay Rheil (drums & percussion), Loretto Reid (Irish Flute, whistles, concertina & button accordion), Dave Nuttall (Irish whistles and wind instruments) and Pat O’Gorman (pipes, Irish flute and whistles).


Rant Maggie Rant - LATITUDE - RELEASE DATE NOV. 4, 2016

Rant Maggie Rant - S/T (Recorded live at Hugh's Room) - Released independently Sept. 22, 2013

Rant Maggie Rant - Frost & Fire: A Celtic Christmas Celebration - Released independently Nov. 15, 2011

Rant Maggie Rant - World's Edge - Released independently July 20, 2009